Customer reviews are the innovation that you can use to emerge forward in internet commerce, and it replaces word of mouth as the primary driving force the business reputation needs. Online reviews are accessible, and they have a great impact on the business. The review content, including qualitative feedback, is the most important part of this. When you’re trying to build trust, this is an important factor when you’re making a sale, and reviews will encourage this by validating not only the brand but also reassuring new visitors of the place that you have.

Now, to make the reviews work in your favor, you need to be diligent. By proactive monitoring, responding to the negative reviews quickly, and highlighting the positive ones, you’ll be able to show customers that you stand behind what your products mean. Reviews that are actively managed will bring forth good results.

When you do open up your brand to critique from the public, you’re risking the possibility of bad news and negative reviews, and that can impact the sales. But, bad reviews, when well managed, will benefit the business.

A product page that’s glowing with just four and five star reviews might seem like a good thing at first, but most of the customers will know better, especially since universally positive reviews often mean falsified reviews.

That’s become a very popular and common practice in e-commerce, and while it is tempting, it comes with risk, and you can get fined in excess of 70K by the state regulators, and international governments are putting down super harsh penalties. Negative publicity and financial implications of fake reviews destroy a business. There can even be repercussions for removing this, but you want to have those there because it makes you seem real. While you may want to remove crude reviews, the biggest thing to do is to respond.

Negative reviews don’t harm sales, but they actually can increase conversions. Comparison shoppers look at every downside in a product before they purchase. If they see the worst flaws are not that bad, overstated, or not relevant, they may feel more confident in the purchase. Nobody or nothing is immune to criticism, and shoppers know not to just leave a product because of a few unhappy customers.

You should encourage customers to post reviews. They help you find out what you’re doing wrong, and they can also help you improve on your system. By using a reviews page in order to give a clear path on all of the reviews that customers get to see will help them. Even putting different reviews that aren’t just all positive can help, and if you do showcase the schema on some pages, it increases the CTR and helps your products stand out.

So reviews are very powerful, yes, and they will help you get the most that you can out of your own personal product site, and in turn, can make impacts.